27 – Driver Warnings/Tunnel Vision in Sports

If your vehicle can detect you are about to collide with something how should it warn you? As it turns out, getting the human factors issues (e.g., timing, modality, level of information) correct is critical to getting a fast and appropriate response from the driver while at the same time keeping trust in the system high.
Pressure-induced tunnel vision in sports (Time 22:55).
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Collision warning timing, driver distraction, and driver response to imminent rear-end collisions in a high-fidelity driving simulator.
Assessing the effectiveness of various auditory cues in capturing a driver’s visual attention
To go or not to go: Stimulus-response compatibility and pedestrian collision warnings in driving
Comparison of visual, auditory and tactile warnings for rear-end collision prevention in driving.
Driver reaction time to tactile and auditory rear-end collision warnings while talking on a cell phone.
Looming auditory collision warnings for driving.
A comparison of different informative vibrotactile forward collision warnings
The effect of emotion on cue utilization and the organization of behavior.


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