28 – Older and Younger Drivers/Guiding an Athlete’s Attention

Why do teenage and elderly drivers have consistently higher accident rates? Are teenagers just being careless and risky? Does it matter who is in the car with them? Do the declines perceptual and cognitive skills associated with age making driving unsafe for older drivers?
-Guiding an athlete’s attention during training (Time 25:11)
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Teenage drivers: patterns of risk
The observed effects of teenage passengers on the risky driving behavior of teenage drivers
The impact and sustainability of the graduated driver licensing program in preventing motor vehicle crashes in Massachusetts
Naturalistic teenage driving study: Findings and lessons learned
Age, skill, and hazard perception in driving
Glare susceptibility test results correlate with temporal safety margin when executing turns across approaching vehicles in simulated low–sun conditions
Reduced effect of glare disability on driving performance in subjects implanted with blue light filtering intraocular lenses
Identifying crash involvement among older drivers: agreement between self-report and state records
Age and visual search: Expanding the useful field of view
Visual attention problems as a predictor of vehicle crashes in older drivers
Cumulative meta-analysis of the relationship between useful field of view and driving performance in older adults: Current and future implications
Cognitive Training Decreases Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement of Older Drivers

Guiding Visual Attention in Decision Making—Verbal Instructions Versus Flicker Cueing
Perceptual training methods compared: the relative efficacy of different approaches to enhancing sport-specific anticipation

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