36 – Aviation Instruments & Automation/Causal Mechanisms of the Quiet Eye

A look at some of the developments in cockpit technology. Do “glass cockpits” really lead to better flying performance? Can Head-Up Displays and Highways in the Sky reduce pilot workload? Has automation in aviation lived up to its promise?
-Why does having a “quiet eye” resulting in better sports performance? (Time 20:45)
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Learning to fly glass cockpits requires a new cognitive model.
Can a glass cockpit display help (or hinder) performance of novices in simulated flight training?
Cognitive Issues in Head-Up Displays
Attentional Tunneling and Task Management in Synthetic Vision Displays
An Information-Centered Analysis of the Tunnel-in-the-Sky Display
Automation surprises
Identifying the causal mechanisms of the quiet eye
Fixational eye movements (Special Issue)

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