How to Listen

There many different ways you can listen either at your computer, on a tablet, or on the go with your smart phone! You also have the choice of streaming or downloading the files to listen offline. Here are a few options (click on links for more info).
*Note, all of these are FREE. The dedicated show apps are recommended and include bonus material.

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For iphone or iPad:
The Perception & Action Podcast iOS App
Other Apps including the native iOS Podcasts App

For an Android or Kindle devices:
The Perception & Action Podcast Android/Kindle App
The native Google Play Music App

On a desktop computer:
-Use the embedded players on this website by following these links
-Many of the apps listed above (e.g., Overcast, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio) can be used online
-Using iTunes
-Listen on iHeartRadio, SoundCloud or Youtube