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138 – Alternative Ways to Cue & Provide Feedback

138A look at some different ways we can cue and provide feedback to a performer including bandwidth, temporal-comparative and translational feedback and rhythm-based cues.  Download link Articles:Effect of bandwidth...

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137 – The Yips

137A look at the phenomenon of The Yips. What exactly is it? How does it differ from choking under pressure? What effects does it have on movement coordination? How...

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136 – Talent Equation Podcast Panel – Applying Theory to Coaching

136A panel discussion about applying different theoretical approaches to coaching, fence sitting, and “it depends” on the Talent Equation podcast hosted and produced by Stuart Armstrong: More information:Subscribe...

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135 – The Problem of Motor Redundancy vs the Bliss of Motor Abundance

135Is having a numerous possible solutions to a motor task a problem of redundancy that must be solved by somehow constraining the perception-action system? Or is it a gift...

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134 – Are there General Perceptual-Motor Abilities? Should we be Testing & Training Them?

134 A look at the somewhat controversial topic of general perceptual-motor abilities. Are there general abilities such as agility and hand-eye coordination that apply to all sports or are...

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133 – New Representative Design Research

133A look at some recent research on representative design. How can we evaluate the representativeness of typical practice activities used in sport? What expertise differences emerge when we evaluate...

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