40 – P&A Court I: Monocular vs Binocular Vision

Why do we have two eyes? Is binocular vision necessary for successful performance of motor actions like those involved in sports and driving? Or is it just redundant information? What is it like to live with just one eye?
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Binocular Vision and Stereopsis
The visual and driving performance of monocular and binocular heavy-duty truck drivers
Vision with one eye: a review of visual function following unilateral enucleation
Prospective Assessment of Stereoscopic Visual Status and USAF Pilot Training Attrition
Why two eyes are better than one: the two views of binocular vision
The acquisition of catching under monocular and binocular conditions
The contribution of stereo vision to one-handed catching
The development of adaptive head movements following enucleation
Foundations of cyclopean perception

Random dot stereograms: http://www.magiceye.com/

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