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143 – Naturalistic, Recognition-Primed Decision Making

143A look at Naturalistic and Recognition-Primed Decision Making. How do we make quick and effective decisions when faced with complex, time pressured situations? How do we bring our previous...

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142 – Affordance Based Control

142 Is the role of affordance perception just action selection? Or does it also play a role in action control? What does it mean to “know one’s limits”?Download link...

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141 – Demonstration & Imitation as Rate Enhancers in Skill Acquisition

141 A look at the role of demonstration and imitation in motor learning. What is rate enhancer in skill acquisition? Download link Articles:Demonstration as a rate enhancer to changes...

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140 – An Ecological Approach to Visual Anticipation in Sports

140Is the common finding that expert athletes are better at using advance cues to anticipate their opponent’s actions evidence that they are using a predictive, internal model for action...

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139 – Improving Performance by Amplifying Errors

139Can having a performer amplify or exaggerate movement error be an effective way to correct it? Is error amplification a more effective method than corrective instruction?  Download link Articles:“Amplification...

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138 – Alternative Ways to Cue & Provide Feedback

138A look at some different ways we can cue and provide feedback to a performer including bandwidth, temporal-comparative and translational feedback and rhythm-based cues.  Download link Articles:Effect of bandwidth...

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