Join Me on My Head Training Journey

Hi Everyone,

HeadTrainer is one the newest applications in the continually growing market of perceptual-cognitive training products for athletes. One of the most striking things about this app is the budget behind it – the production values are at the level of many video games and the company has a team of pretty high profile celebrity endorsers including racecar driver Dale Ernhardt Jr, baseball player Jose Bautista, surfer Alana Blanchard and golfer Rickie Folwer. The program (which costs $4.99/month for the full edition) includes exercises designed to improve decision making, processing speed, focus, visual-spatial awareness and memory. But does it work?!

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Well, I have signed up! So, over the next few weeks I am going to look more closely at the science behind this product AND give regular updates on my progress through the training. I will also be giving an analysis of the contents of the training as an alleged expert in this area J Finally, I will be doing pre and post sports related skills tests to see if there is any transfer effect to my performance. So, I am basically doing a single subject, pre-post case study on myself. Not exactly rigorous scientifically but it should be fun and give me a chance to embarrass myself.

So keep watching this space for blog posts, videos and podcast segments as I attempt to train my head!
Segment #1 Podcast Episode, 10/12/2015



(And just so you know, I have no affiliation with this company).